Church & Dwight recalls certain Vitafusion gummy vitamins after reports of metallic mesh material

EWING, New Jersey -- Drug company Church & Dwight, based in Ewing, New Jersey, is recalling certain gummy vitamins.

The recall comes after two reports of customers finding a metallic mesh material in the products.

The items were manufactured in a four-day period between October 29, 2020 and November 3, 2020.

They were sold online and in-store under the Vitafusion brand between November 13, 2020 through April 9, 2021.

The company says it is not aware of any reports of consumer illness or injury to-date.

Consumers who have purchased one of the products listed below should stop taking them immediately. They should call the company's dedicated Consumer Affairs team at 1 (800) 981-4710 before disposing of the product. Consumers will get a full refund.

The recalled products include:

- Vitafusion Kids Melatonin
50 ct
UPC: 0-27917-00170-8
Lot Code(s):
WA03076268 Exp. Date: 11/22

- Vitafusion Fiber Well
220 ct
UPC: 0-27917-01984-0
Lot Code(s):
WA03087520 Exp. Date: 11/22
WA02487524 Exp. Date: 9/22

WA03086273 Exp. Date: 11/22

- Vitafusion SleepWell
250 ct
UPC: 0-27917-02524-7
Lot Code(s):
WA03077414 Exp. Date: 11/22

- Vitafusion MultiVites
150 ct
UPC: 0-27917-01919-2
Lot Code(s):
WA03044959 Exp. Date: 4/22

- Vitafusion Melatonin
44 ct
UPC: 0-27917-28011-0
Lot Code(s):
WA03076270 Exp. Date: 11/22

- Vitafusion Melatonin
140 ct
UPC: 0-27917-02671-8
Lot Code(s):
WA03076990 Exp. Date: 11/22
WA03077852 Exp. Date: 11/22
WA02608988 Exp. Date: 9/22

- Vitafusion Fiber Well
90 ct
UPC: 0-27917-01890-4
Lot Code(s):
WA02187020 Exp. Date: 8/22
WA03086671 Exp. Date: 11/22
WA03087521 Exp. Date: 11/22

ONLINE: Church & Dwight Initiates Voluntary Recall of Select Vitamins Due to Isolated Manufacturing Issue
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