Colorado breweries using recycled wastewater to make beer

DENVER (KABC) -- We've heard of all kinds of interesting types of beer - but this creation might give even the bravest drinkers pause.

A group of Colorado breweries are making beer - with recycled wastewater.

CH2M, a local engineering group behind the idea, says the unique brewing process offers much more than shock value.

"Water is definitely a strained resource everywhere including in Colorado, so this is kind of the next progression of how we can extend the amount of water we have, which is a finite supply," said Jason Assouline, a water technologist with CH2M.

Last week, CH2M delivered 330 gallons of re-use water to three breweries - Lost Highway Brewing, Lone Tree Brewery and 105 West Brewery. The brewing process using recycled water began this week.

Once the first batch of recycled beer is complete, CH2M will host a blind taste test.

If all goes well, they are hoping to change the way people brew and enjoy beer.
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