Add water to save water? How adding a pond to your landscape can actually cut your water bill

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
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Looking for ways to save water? You might want to dig up your lawn and put in a pond! Some experts say adding a pond to your landscape is not just beautiful but can also be a huge water saver.

SHADOW HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It may seem counter-intuitive... adding water, to save water. Yes some experts say adding a pond to your landscape can actually cut your water bill.

Sunland Water Gardens is building ponds that look beautiful and can be a huge water saver.

"It uses a lot less water than a lawn. I think it uses almost 80% less than a lawn would, so you do get a little evaporation but if you have a nice plant coverage to the pond, it's going to reduce that 80% in evaporation," said Jeff Kite, manager of Sunland Water Gardens.

Ponds also provide additional cooling compared to rocks or dirt outside of your home

"A lot of the irresponsible options we have such as bare mono-scaped lawns or a lot of people cover their gardens with just solid rock thinking that's what's going to be best, but its driving up the ambient heat temperature of your home and increasing the cost of air conditioning and the like," said Brandon Gardner with Sunland Water Gardens.

A pond also provides a sanctuary for some animals that are also being affected by drought conditions

"They use much less water than your regular garden, and it gives provides a lot of water for your birds, your bees... so it really helps the wildlife when there's a drought," said Kite.

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