Will Angelenos turn to public transit amid high gas prices?

"We want to become a transit capital rather than a car capital here in Los Angeles," said Dave Sotero, a Metro spokesperson.
HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With low Metro fares and high gas prices, it seems like a good time to try to convince Angelenos to leave the car at home and hop on public transit.

"It provides people with a legitimate choice for saving money at the gas pump," said Dave Sotero, a Metro spokesperson.

Usually, a daily metro pass would cost $7, but right now they're being offered for $3.50. These passes are in effect until July. Metro officials say this is to help people who may be commuting again using public transportation.

"As of February, we've had nearly 750,000 average weekday boardings on our metro system," said Sotero.

Pablo Saldana, who lives in Hollywood, has been commuting on the Metro for two years.

"Honestly, they both have their drawbacks because the Metro isn't very clean and there's kind of some characters that come in and out of it. So, there's that drawback but with gas prices the way they are, it kind of makes sense to minimize driving unless you need to," said Saldana.

According to LAPD data, violent crime on Metro trains and buses did increase about 19% in 2021 after its drop in 2020.

"We're working very aggressively with our law enforcement partners and with our outreach partners to address this issue," said Sotero.

However, Metro is still one of the most affordable options for those who want to tour the city.

"It's the most convenient way to see all of the places that we want. Taking Uber is a little expensive for us, especially because we're on vacation," said tourist Carlos Eioches.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the last time we saw an increase in public transit was in 2008.

"We want to become a transit capital rather than a car capital here in Los Angeles," said Sotero.

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