92-year-old Houston evacuee charms rescuers on live TV

HOUSTON -- A 92-year-old evacuee named Shirley charmed a rescue team while live on television in Houston.

"Oh, I didn't realize (I was on TV). I would have worn my wig for the occasion," she said as the crew burst out in laughter.

She began to gush about the men who helped her evacuate.

"And they're so good looking, my god, really, and strong, my goodness," she said.

Shirley said she didn't evacuate at first because she didn't imagine the water would come to her house.

"I just feel so betrayed by the water," she said.

When Shirley was told that KTRK-TV was in love with her now, she joked, "Are they really? Maybe I'll get a contract out of this."
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