WGA strikers joined by Rep. Adam Schiff, stars from 'Star Trek' as talks remain stalled

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Friday, May 19, 2023
WGA strikers joined by Rep. Adam Schiff, stars from 'Star Trek'
WGA strikers were joined by Rep. Adam Schiff, as well as stars from "Star Trek" on Friday as talks remain stalled.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Hollywood writers received some political backing today from California Congressman Adam Schiff, who today stood side-by-side with striking writers as the Writers Guild of America strike nears the end of its third week.

And, it was Star Trek day at the WGA strike in front of Paramount Studios. Writers from that series, as well as some actors, are here to show solidarity.

"Live long and pay up!" they chanted.

Among the writers main issues are compensation for streaming and concern over short term series that are only on for a few weeks or months.

"The writers need care they need to be taken care of. This is a new way we're streaming content. The rules have changed and it has to be addressed," said Denise Crosby, an actress who starred in "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Schiff joined protesters in Burbank, saying that the generational change writers are facing needs to be addressed.

"I don't think any generation of writers has seen such a dramatic change in the industry. That change has made a lot more content possible. It's made it possible for us to see it in our homes, to get through a pandemic, but it's also made it possible to really squeeze them in terms of their wages and income," Schiff said.

The writers are also facing the issue of AI. The growing presence of artificial intelligence and could it take away jobs. Writers and others worry it will be able to replace their creativity.

"We are all working under contracts that were for an industry that doesn't exist anymore. For an industry as it was 30 years ago, and that is not the situation that we're in right now. It's not the economy that we are in and it's not the business," said Jeri Ryan, an actress who starred in "Star Trek: Voyager."

A request for comment from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was answered with a referral to a previous public statement that says they are offering higher wages and higher streaming residuals. The statement also says that some of the increases are the highest they have been in 25 years.

As of now, no upcoming meetings between the two sides have been publicly announced.

"We're out here every day, and we're going to stay out here every day. And we're gonna keep marching until they return to the table and bargain with us in good faith," said Bill Wolkoff, a member of the WGA.