Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar for sale, comes with 160 acres

The Wildlife Waystation has saved thousands of animals over the years. Now, it's the Sylmar facility that needs saving.
SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For decades, it has been the last best chance for thousands of animals, but now it is the Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar that needs saving.

All of it, the house, the gardens, and 160 acres of land, is for sale.

"We had it for sale in 2005 for $2.5 million; it is now listed for $2.2 million 15 years later," said Realtor Champ Davenport.

The Waystation was shut down a year ago for permit violations. Getting it up and running again will take a very special buyer.

"We've had people who were interested," said Davenport. "We've had a rock star interested in the property as a getaway place, maybe a recording studio; we've had film companies who were interested in using it as a back lot, so to speak."

Most of the animals, including the big cats, have been relocated, but there is still a family of chimpanzees there, 32 of them. And advocates are desperate to find a way to keep them together.

"This is their home, and a large portion of them are elderly, so to put any type of stress and anxiety on them is unconscionable," said Mitch Apodaca, a Waystation supporter.

Fish and Wildlife is currently trying to raise money to relocate the animals. Meanwhile Waystation advocates have started a petition to keep the chimps together.

"I feel somewhere out there is a superhero, or an organization that can help save this sanctuary and stand on that legacy of 45 years," said Apodaca.

The fate of the chimpanzees remains unclear and so is the future of this very special place that has served as a sanctuary for so many creatures for so long.
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