Actor William Fichtner is director, producer, co-writer of new film 'Cold Brook'

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Thursday, November 7, 2019
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Actor William Fichtner is now a director, producer, co-writer and the star of his new movie, "Cold Brook."

Actor William Fichtner is now a director and a producer and a co-writer and the star of his new movie, "Cold Brook."

Fichtner had the idea to make this film years ago and he never gave up on trying to make it happen.

When it comes to being a director, he said, " It's a whole other ballgame in the directing side. And it's not like somebody calls you and like, 'Oh, shooting the film. We need you for three weeks at this time right here.' I've been thinking about 'Cold Brook' for 12 years."

Somehow, he managed to get his movie made in just 20 days, shooting mostly in Buffalo, where he grew up.

"Cold Brook" tells a mysterious story--one its director has been trying to keep somewhat under wraps--about two lifelong friends from a small town. They're ordinary guys who have an extraordinary experience.

"Someone special comes to that town," said Fichtner, "and when they realize who he is and why he's there, you know, with knowledge comes responsibility, especially if it's someone that needs help because they need to get somewhere and they're not there. So it's up to them--or not--you know, what do they do about that?"

To play his best friend, Fichtner hired his best friend, actor Kim Coates. He's best known for his role on TV's "Sons of Anarchy."

I asked Fichtner, "Do you have to break the news that the paycheck isn't going to be what he's used to?"

His response, after laughing, "I told him, 'You're doing it for nothing just like I'm doing it for nothing!'"

Fichtner called the experience of working with his best pal "pure joy." Together, they've seen "Cold Brook" win awards at several film festivals. Now, it's finally heading to the box office.

"On the weekend that it opens, it's going to play in a theater in Buffalo," Fichter said. "And even though it's going to play here in L.A. and, you know, all our friends and family are here, I said to Coates a couple of weeks ago, 'We're going to Buffalo. Me and you are going to Buffalo.' And he's like, 'I'm booking the flight, babe. Tell me which one.'"

"Cold Brook" is new to theaters this weekend.