Woman ready to celebrate 109th birthday after beating COVID

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin -- A woman in Wisconsin who beat COVID-19 is now getting ready to celebrate her 109th birthday.

Ruth Stryzewski spent several weeks in isolation while fighting the virus, but her family said her symptoms were mild.

She didn't require hospitalization and has now totally recovered.

"Remarkably at this age, she was able to fight through that, that horrible virus, and is doing very well today," said Ingrid Garrison, an activities specialist at Parkview Health Center. "She's gaining her strength back and becoming the old Ruth we knew."

Her family and loved ones hope her story of survival will inspire others who may feel a sense of hopelessness.

"God has a plan, and his plan was to help her through this, and there is hope and there's loving and caring people in these nursing home setting," Garrison said. "And all of the front line workers are doing the best they can and rooting for their patients so to speak."

Stryzewski will turn 109 years old on Feb. 20.
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