Actor Chris Pine enjoyed revealing scene in 'Wonder Woman'

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Friday, June 2, 2017
'Wonder Woman' role was revealing for Chris Pine
In one of Chris Pine's favorite scenes in "Wonder Woman," he appears nearly naked, leading to an interesting exchange with the title heroine.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actor Chris Pine has spent his career avoiding being typecast.

He started in episodic television in 2003, then quickly moved on to starring in a wide variety of feature films.

Everything changed in 2009 when he took over the role of James T. Kirk in the re-booted "Star Trek" franchise.

Now, Pine joins another high profile project: starring opposite Gal Gadot in DC Comics latest adventure, "Wonder Woman."

Pine wasn't necessarily looking for another blockbuster franchise to take part in at this point in his career, but this one seemed too good to pass up.

"You know, I got into the business to play everything and anything I could do, dance and sing and bad guys and good guys," said Pine. "So it's nice now, finally after about 15 years of working in this business that I get to go back to what I originally liked to do."

It was a meeting with director Patty Jenkins that finally convinced him to take this role.

"I had no interest in 'Wonder Woman.' I didn't know much about it other than her being kind of an icon and what she looked like and it was Lynda Carter and all that," said Pine. "And Patty, as you know if you've met her, is so intense and passionate and clear and decisive and a master storyteller. I knew within 15 minutes of meeting her that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I didn't know why, I knew it was something I wanted to do."

The studio isn't releasing any of this footage, but Pine appears all but naked in this movie.

It's the first time Wonder Woman has seen a man in the nude. The encounter leads to an interesting, innocent exchange between the two characters. And that scene became one of Pine's favorites.

"I actually knew I was going to do the movie because of that," said Pine. "I felt like Kate Capshaw or something in 'Indiana Jones."' It was just such a funny, such a male, such a dumb joke. It was a great moment. I really enjoyed that."

"Wonder Woman," rated PG-13, is in theaters now.