YouTube Space LA provides free studios and equipment

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Free LA studio space thanks to YouTube
YouTube Space LA provides free classes for anyone with a YouTube channel and studio space to those with 10,000+ subscribers.

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. (KABC) -- Want free access to some of the most state of the art studios and equipment in the entertainment capital of the world? All you need is a successful YouTube channel.

YouTube Space L.A. in Playa Vista is open to anyone with a YouTube channel.

Even those with one subscriber can take classes on how to build their channel, enjoy comedy nights, mixers and musical performances.

YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers can book studio space and camera equipment free of charge. The channels have to hire their own crew.

"The basic concept of YouTube Space L.A. is to have our YouTube users meet here and build community," said Eileen Rivera, a production specialist.

Rivera said Los Angeles is home to more YouTube channels than anywhere in the world, so its only natural the flagship YouTube Space is in Southern California.

"We hope that they come here, meet new people and collaborate," said Rivera.

There are 8 studios in the 41,000-square-foot facility.

They've hosted One Direction for a seven hour YouTube live broadcast, Phillip Phillips for a music video shoot and Daniel Radcliffe for an interactive interview.

Singer Anna Graceman, 14, first debuted on YouTube at age 7. She's traveled to the YouTube Space L.A. to shoot her latest music video.

"I feel really special to be here. Its an awesome space. Its so cool," said Graceman.

Comedians from said access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment has been an invaluable help.

"Its definitely contributed to doubling or tripling our traffic to our channel in the last year, that's huge!" said Adam Ganser of

Users can take lessons on things like editing, lighting, and shooting.

Colin Rosenblum from The Lacrosse Network said those classes allowed him to edit videos.

"I wasn't a film student, but I was able to take classes and learn about lighting and sound that I didn't have access to before coming to this space," said Rosenblum.

The Lacrosse Network said YouTube has been key in uniting the fan base of a sport that doesn't receive much attention on traditional television networks.

"Our mantra is growing the game through the power of media, so the more lacrosse that's out there that people can see, the better for the sport," said Rosenblum.

YouTube reports that 1 billion unique users visit the site every month. They claim that 100 hours of new content are uploaded every minute.

Eileen Rivera said that YouTube created the Space, "as an investment to its creators."

"By giving them the tools and resources benefits everyone in the long run, Google, and the creator and the audience alike officials said that the Space is an investment in serving its huge audience," she said.

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