Families celebrate 'Noon Year's Eve' in Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Not many parents of little ones can actually make it to midnight to ring in the New Year, so a special New Year's celebration in Santa Ana for the kids happened as the clock struck noon.

The "Noon Year's Eve" party kicked off at the Discovery Cube Orange County in Santa Ana with more than 1,000 kids and their parents celebrating with a balloon drop and even a ginger ale toast.

"If we make it to 9 o'clock, we'll be really, really lucky," said Paul Bresenden of Irvine. "But yeah, this is a super fun chance for him to get out."

Families got a chance to enjoy all the things you would expect on New Year's, including party hats, a DJ spinning for everyone on the dance floor and even a photo booth.

"Stuff like this is always available at midnight, so getting to come to do this as a family at noon allows everyone to enjoy it," said Brittney Holbrook of Discovery Cube.

A lot of kids and parents dressed up in costumes for the superhero dance party. For Cambria Conner, dressed as Wonder Woman, the celebration was more than just New Year's Eve, she was celebrating her 6th birthday with her parents.

"Well it's a great a chance for all these kids to get together and to come out to a kid's place and enjoy New Year's that way," said Blake Conner of Tustin.

Kids at the Discovery Cube got more than just a good time, they also learned a thing or two about science.

Volunteers educated their young guests about the five senses and how each one works.

"Great opportunity for them to continue to educate and be inspired about pursuing a career in science," said Patricia Sosa-Alaniz of Whittier.

As for New Year's resolutions, kids and their parents had different ideas about what they wanted to see in 2016.

"I'm going to ride my bicycle faster," said one toddler.

"He started potty training," said one father. "But I think that's about as far as we're going to go."
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