Family of missing woman says alarming texts were sent from her phone

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Thursday, January 26, 2023
Family of missing woman says alarming texts were sent from her phone
Tamika Newsom went missing on Thursday, Jan. 5, according to her family. NOTE: The video above aired before Newsome was found safe.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Dewanna Gipson is begging for the safe return of her daughter, Tamika Newsome.

Newsome is 35-years-old and has been missing since Jan. 5. She was last seen in South Los Angeles at a transitional home she'd been living at since Nov. 28.

Gipson said she started asking where Newsome was but people at the home did not know.

She says she spoke to her daughter often, so when a few days passed without hearing back from her she began to worry.

Terrifying text messages began to come in from Newsome's phone and an unknown phone number. The messages said things like "she's dead" and "her body is in a river in Mexico." The messages were sent to her mother, landlord and property manager.

Gipson started to worry and said she started picturing what they were saying.

Newsome told her mom she was planning on moving out of the transition home. She even messaged Vickie Wade, the CEO of Friends Inc. in an attempt to get some of her rent money back. Wade says she has given lapd complete access to ring footage showing Newsome leaving the property.

Newsome's family and friends say there is not enough being done to find her.

"I feel like it's not a big deal for them. She's been missing since the fifth and today's the 25th and I think they should have done a lot more because we're just now getting a detective on the case today." Gipson said.