LA Auto Show offers interactive displays, runs through 4-day holiday weekend

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
LA Auto Show offers interactive displays, runs through holiday weekend
The LA Auto Show is a November tradition for many - Whether they're seriously shopping or just casually scoping out what's new. Plus, this year's event includes indoor EV test tracks!

The LA Auto Show is a November tradition for many. Whether they're seriously shopping, or just casually scoping out what's new.

I asked some random show visitors if they had come to actually look for a car, or if it was more of a case of just coming to the show every year for the fun of it.

"It's kind of both, right? I mean, cars are cool, right?" Benjamin and Tisha Kinney noted. The two had driven up from Ramona to see the show.

"I've been for a number of years. I think Suzanne hasn't been for a few years. I had to drag her down this year," said Darrel Grani of Rancho Cucamonga.

"He comes every year, just about," remarked his wife, Suzanne Grani.

"We're kind of in the market for an EV. We're getting solar on our house soon. So we figured let's make hay while the sun shines, so to speak," said Brian Kilrain, who'd made the trek with his family from San Diego to Los Angeles just to do some car shopping.

EVs are everywhere here, as well everything else on wheels. Well, not quite everything. Several brands are sitting out this year's show, including popular ones like Jeep and Porsche.

One positive for show organizers: the repairs to the nearby 10 Freeway were initially thought to have it closed during the entire 10-day run. Good news came late last week about the road re-opening earlier than expected.

"I did jump up and down when I saw that text come through. I think it's great news for commuters, for us, for the city of L.A., so we're pretty happy about it," said David Fortin, the auto show's marketing director.

At Subaru's display, you can check out what they have on four wheels, and what local shelters have on four legs. The pet adoption area is back throughout the show.

"All day long, we'll have the dogs out here. You can come by, look at our new cars, but also maybe take home a puppy," said Dominick Infante, director of communications for Subaru of America.

With several brands not participating this year, the show ended up with some unused floor space. But they're making very good use of it. Like for indoor EV test tracks. Take a ride in a Nissan Ariya or VW ID.4 in one end of South Hall, or an electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Ioniq 6 at the other end.

In the nearby West Hall, visitors can take a thrill ride in a Ford Bronco on a sort of roller-coaster for 4x4s. An "off-road" experience, right inside the building.

Nearby, Petree Hall usually occupied by Porsche is filled with the cars of comedian Kevin Hart. His assortment of exotics and muscle cars are here for you to check out up close. Sorry, while most cars at the convention center are for sale, these are not. But take as many pictures as you like.

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Here's what to expect from the LA Auto Show this year.