LA Auto Show features newest SUVs, partnerships with tech industry

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Sunday, November 19, 2023
LA Auto Show features newest SUVs, partnerships with tech industry
Here's what to expect from the LA Auto Show this year.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- At an auto show, having an impressive display steers people in, and Subaru once again has transformed its space into a virtual forest. And right in the middle of the forest is the all-new 2024 Forester.

Eyewitness News got a sneak preview a couple of weeks ago to see the car in the daylight. The Forester is a model that's been a core part of Subaru showrooms for years.

"Forester and Outback tend to be the two biggest selling vehicles in our lineup. So as far as the success of Subaru as a brand, Forester is incredibly important to us," said William Stokes with Subaru North America.

Crossovers rule the roost, still. And Nissan has a new trick to make their 2024 Rogue stand out: built-in Google, search, maps, the whole thing.

"It's all about integrating your life, with your drive. Because we want everything to be right there at your fingertips," said Chad Fishburne with Nissan North America.

Hyundai announced a partnering with a technology many of us use all the time. You can buy almost anything on Amazon these days, and soon, that'll include a new Hyundai.

"You can choose your preferred model, color and features. And check out entirely online, in a shopping experience you already know and trust," said Marty Malick, Amazon's vice president of corporate partnerships.

Like maybe the new 2024 Santa Fe, the chunky new iteration of Hyundai's crossover SUV being shown in Los Angeles for the first time.

No word on whether Hyundai's upscale sibling Genesis will soon be put into Amazon carts, but it brought its new 2025 GV80 Coupe to the show stand.

Sometimes adding a new edition is worth an unveiling, and Kia has added X-Pro to the Sorento lineup. A very popular model for them.

"When we introduced the fourth-generation a couple of years ago, it immediately became one of the hottest sellers in our lineup. It captures the right space, the right size, it just makes a lot of sense," said James Bell with Kia USA.

Meanwhile at Ford, a very California edition of the Mustang GT called, fittingly, the California Special. If a convertible isn't your thing, the GT/CS will be available as a coupe, too.

You won't see every 2024 model here, because a number of brands have decided to sit this one out. But there's still plenty to look at, and the show runs for 10 days, including all four days of the long Thanksgiving weekend.