Cool Kid Kaylynn Turner shares alpaca, happiness

Our ABC7 Cool Kid for Thursday, Sept. 4, is Kaylynn Tuner, who uses her alpaca service animal Jasper to bring help and happiness to people in her community.

Turner drew her inspiration from a friend who had cancer.

"He had said that alpacas were his best medicine. I thought, 'Can we make Jasper a therapy alpaca and help other people?'" Turner said.

After much paperwork and extensive testing, Jasper became a certified therapy animal.

"He wasn't afraid of anything and he wanted your attention. He wanted to be there. He wasn't forced to be there," Turner said.

In addition to Jasper's therapy work, Turner has him raising funds for a handicapped-accessible swing for a local park.

She also takes Jasper to muscular dystrophy walks or camps for kids.

"We do a buddy lead, where they hold one of his leads and I hold the other and they can walk him around," Turner said.

Turner has a strong connection with Jasper, but it's sharing him with others that matters to her.

"It makes me feel really good to know that I put a smile on somebody's face. It makes my day knowing I made somebody else's day," Turner said.

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