Surveillance video captures woman stealing holiday packages

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Police are searching for a woman who is suspected of stealing packages left in front of homes in Anaheim Hills and Riverside.

In a home surveillance video, a woman is seen stealing a package from a home in Riverside on Dec. 11.

Police believe it's the same woman who is caught on another home surveillance video in Anaheim Hills. The video shows a woman stealing two presents, which were going to be donated to charity, and a snowman decoration.

Tami Daniels, the homeowner, said the video was a 'violation' and watching the footage made her 'blood boil.'

Daniels and her children were home at the time of the theft, but it seemed that the suspect was not deterred by the mini-van in the driveway or the sign for the home's security system and the cameras.

"I look at my security footage and five minutes later me and my kids walked out the front door and came out. That's what kind of gets me upset too, because what if we would have confronted this lady?" Daniels said.

In the Riverside home surveillance footage, you see a woman look over her left shoulder to see if anyone is watching. Then she looks in the opposite direction, believes the coast is clear and takes a package, taking the time to place the box in a bag.

Police said surveillance videos are key to catching this type of thief. Anaheim Police Lt. Bob Dunn said residents should have cameras around their homes because it helps authorities identify a suspect.

Dunn added that residents should make sure to get a tracking number for packages.

"When you receive a tracking number, make sure you're aware of when it might arrive. If you can't be home, it's always good to have a neighbor look out to make sure that they can grab that package for you," he said.

Luckily, the suspect did not steal all the toys Daniels will be donating as the rest of the presents were in her garage.

She hopes the suspect will be caught and that other possible thieves think twice about stealing from a home when surveillance footage can record their every move.

"I hope it does send a message out there to people...It's not right to steal from somebody," she said.

Police said this type of behavior is more common during the holidays, and today marks the busiest shipping and mailing day of the entire year for the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx.

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