Austin boy sets up hot chocolate stand to raise money for border wall

AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin boy has raised more than $5,000 from selling hot chocolate dedicated to funds to build a border wall along the southern U.S. border.

On Saturday, Benton Stevens and his dad Shane posted video on Facebook showcasing the hot chocolate stand in front of a shopping complex, selling for $2 a cup.

A sign in front of the boy's stand said "proceeds help Trump build the wall."

For an extra 50 cents, Benton also offered large "Nancy Pelosi" marshmallows to melt. Smaller "Beto O'Rourke" marshmallows were also offered at no extra charge.

After sales over the weekend, Benton's dad posted Monday that the boy raised more than $2,200 through a Venmo account. By Tuesday, the dad reported the account totaled almost $5,000.
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