911 call reveals when woman who was in vegetative state gives birth

PHOENIX (KABC) -- A new 911 call reveals the moments when a woman at an Arizona care facility who had been in a vegetative state for years suddenly went in to labor, shocking caregivers.

"We had no idea this patient was pregnant," one person is heard saying.

"OK, I understand. Does she know how far along she was or anything?" the operator says.

"We have no idea. This is a complete surprise. We were not expecting this," the person replies.

Even as the newborn struggled to breathe after being born, the caller continued to express shock over the pregnancy.

"Baby's turning blue, we need someone," the caller says.

The baby boy eventually did start breathing and was taken to a hospital with his mother.

An investigation is underway into why no one at the facility knew the woman was pregnant.

Authorities are also trying to figure out who impregnated her, clearly without consent.

Police are now seeking samples from male staff at the hospital.
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