'Mamma Mia' sequel looking for another high note at the box office

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Thursday, July 19, 2018
'Mamma Mia' sequel looking for another high note
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Meryl Streep returns as Donna in the sequel "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again"

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With the ongoing popularity of the band ABBA's music, the sequel to "Mamma Mia" should make plenty of "Money Money Money."

"Here We Go Again" takes us back to the beginning of the adventures of this group of friends and lovers.

"We never thought 10 years later we'd be back," said Meryl Streep, who plays Donna. "And I think the world needs 'Mamma Mia!' more than ever."

The original cast of the 2008 hit musical reunite for the film's sequel. Like the first film, "Mamma Mia 2" is centered on the prolific music catalog of the Swedish supergroup.

"This is why it's so successful because you can hear ABBA a million times and still love them," said Amanda Seyfried, who plays Sophie. "I don't know any other band that can do that."

"'Dancing Queen' - once that gets in your brain!" laughed Pierce Brosnan, who plays Sam. "'My Love, My Life,' I really enjoy that song. 'The Winner Takes it All' from the last movie. There are many songs, so if you're unhappy going into the theater, you will come out a happy person."

"There's something about the music that is so enlivening," said Streep. "And it's about summer and falling in love and losing love and never losing love."

"I think people are ready to celebrate and very excited to have this movie back again and with our cast which is reunited," said Rita Wilson, one of the show's producers. "And the new people that have been added to the family. I think it's really a celebration."

Added her husband and fellow producer Tom Hanks: "It's a sing-a-long and everybody knows the words."

"Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" is in theaters Friday. It's rated PG-13.