Healing & Honor Field coming to Palmdale in November to honor Veterans

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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Field of flags will honor Veterans in Palmdale
The City of Palmdale is bringing the 'Healing and Honor Field' to Pelona Vista Park in November in honor of Veterans Day.

PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- ABC7 salutes an organization bringing an honor field to the Antelope Valley: a field of flags that will open in time for Veterans Day.

The inaugural Palmdale Healing and Honor Field will be a colorful display of American flags.

"Those flags are gonna be yonder on that gorgeous green field and there's gonna be 2,020 of them for this very difficult year, 2020 that we're all doing our best to make it through," said Army veteran Dennis Anderson.

"Every flag will have a yellow ribbon that you can dedicate to a first responder, a medical provider, a veteran, person in the military. Your personal hero can be honored on our field," said JJ Murphy, Palmdale City Manager.

Similar to the Field of Valor seen in Covina each year, this will be quite the sight, even from a distance - something that was needed to replace the mobile veterans wall this year.

"The pandemic has hit us hard here because we can't do all of the events that we normally do, so I think this is a very important culmination of bringing people together," said Stacia Nemeth, volunteer coordinator.

Each flag costs $30 with all of the proceeds going to veteran organizations in the Antelope Valley that could all use the help.

"American Legion, the VFW, Point Man AV, Vets for Veterans, and Coffee for Vets. All 5 of those organizations go across city boundaries and really do great things for our veterans every day," said Murphy.

"We've had to cancel three fundraisers and that's kind of hurting our pocket book right now," said Jack Woolbert, Vets for Veterans.

They, like many of us, could use the emotional support and healing after such a tough year.

"I hope people come out here and they're able to heal. This has been a traumatic year for many people so I think it's an opportunity to come out and reflect," said Murphy.

"You want to help them. You want to support them and I hope the healing and honor field is gonna be one more little more mosaic piece of that help and support," said Anderson.

'On behalf of Palmdale Station and LASD, we'd just like to thank all the members of the community, thank everyone who supports us in the community and we want to encourage you to go out and participate in this program," said Ronald Sneed, Palmdale Sheriff's Station.

The flags can be purchased on the city of Palmdale's website. They'll be on display from November 1st through Veterans Day on the 11th.