Nicole Kidman: How Oscars best picture nominee 'Lion' has roared

ByGeorge Pennacchio KABC logo
Monday, February 6, 2017
Nicole Kidman on how Oscars nominee 'Lion' has roared
Oscar-nominated actress Nicole Kidman talks about how word-of-mouth has helped "Lion" roar. The film is up for six Oscars.

LOS ANGELES -- Many stars are doing their best to support their films by attending events and awards shows, trying to keep up the interest for their movies.

The terrific word-of-mouth has helped "Lion" roar, as the film is now up for six Oscars. Among them are best picture and supporting nominations for stars Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.

"That's the beauty of these, of awards, because when a small film like this gets recognized and we don't have the advertising budget and a huge ability to get it out there, it's word-of-mouth," she shared.

The buzz just keeps building, thanks to moviegoers and critics who give it a big thumbs up.

"And that's how the film is being discovered, and I'm just so, so happy that it was made and now it's being seen," she added. "The emotional response is what's just astonishing."

"Lion" tells the true story of a boy in India who accidentally winds up in a train that takes him far from home.

He's lost and doesn't know how to get back but he survives on the streets, eventually adopted by a loving Australian couple -- that's where Kidman comes in.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, shared why he is so moved by this movie.

"The power of love. It's really...somebody said the DNA of love transcending everything and really being about love," he said.

"Lion" marks Kidman's fourth Oscar nomination in 15 years. She won in 2003 for "The Hours."

"Best Oscar memory? Oh my gosh, when I won! I was like, 'Come on, this is like the best of the best!' But I was in a bit of a haze for it," she said. "It didn't settle in, like that I'd actually won it, for about six months, I think."