Alhambra family devastated after home break-in caught on camera: 'Basically our entire life savings'

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Alhambra family devastated after home break-in caught on camera
An Alhambra family is showing resilience after a home break-in. The thieves thought they destroyed all the surveillance cameras but they missed one.

ALHAMBRA, Calif. (KABC) -- An Alhambra family was victimized by a pair of burglars who broke in and robbed them while they were away. The thieves destroyed surveillance cameras but they were still caught in the act.

The burglary happened Friday afternoon after the suspects got into the home through a window facing an alley. Kevin, who lives in the home with parents, says the men destroyed every surveillance camera in sight - except for one.

"We had one plugged into the wall and one that's running on battery. After they (looted) the bedroom, they came out and they noticed the camera and tried to cover it with a jacket," he said.

The surveillance footage shows one man wearing a neon safety vest and the other in a baseball cap who tried to hide his identity with the jacket before throwing it towards the camera.

Kevin estimates they had the place to themselves for seven hours.

When he and his family finally came home, they found everything in shambles.

He filed a report with the Alhambra Police Department, which has launched an investigation. They have not yet made any arrests.

Kevin estimates the men took $150,000 worth of things. His mom's bags and jewelry were stolen, too.

"Basically our entire life savings... and, you know, it's very unlucky because I had my college tuition fee just taken out from the bank...a few days ago actually and we just put it somewhere safe."

Kevin's parents run a Chinese restaurant, WangJia, in San Gabriel. They've been part of the community for decades and are devastated.

"But, you know, that's how life works. You know, you have to move on."

Despite the incident, Kevin's parents returned to work the next day.

"You have to keep going."