Experts offer 5 ways to fight, prevent diseases like Alzheimer's

Dr. Steven Masley believes people are experiencing a type of "brain fog" much earlier than they should, indicating a major ricks for mental decline due to high blood sugar.

Some even call it "Type III" diabetes.

"They're not as sharp, their forgetful, they forget somebody's name or why they walked into a room," said Dr. Masley.

In his book "The Better Brain Solution," Dr. Masley says the main culprits are poor food choices, not being active enough, high stress, and toxins from foods like those found in deli meats.

"Most forms of dementia, especially Alzheimers disease, which is the most common form, begins in the brain decades before the first symptom," said health and science journalist Max Lugavere.

Lugavere said doctors offered little solutions or ways to slow down Alzheimer's when his mother was diagnosed with it at a young age. He wrote "Genius Foods" to help himself and others fight back.

"It's the kinds of fats that really matter when it comes to determining the moment-to-moment function of your brain, as well as its predilection of disease in the long-term," said Lugavere.

His suggestion is to replace the fats found in heavily processed, packaged foods with omega three's, which can be found in fatty fish, walnuts, hemp seed, and flax, along with olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocado.

Dr. Masley said to aim for one cup of green leafy veggies every day, a small dose of dark chocolate, green tea, and lots of berries.

"You can improve your brain function by 25%," Dr. Masley said.

And move!

"Being active is the number one predictor of improving your brain function," said Dr. Masley.

You want some resistance training, some "slow and low" impact, like uphill walking or hiking, and yes, add in a few sprints to really get circulation boosted.

"One, get a workout each day it burns off tension, two, a good night sleep, three, ten minutes of meditation peaceful calm a day," said Dr. Masley.
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