Video: Amazon driver stomps on box shortly after delivery to Santa Fe Springs home

Shayla Girardin Image
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Amazon driver stomps on box shortly after SoCal delivery
The Amazon driver placed the package on the doorstep, took a picture and then began stomping on it.

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. (KABC) -- Doorbell video captured the shocking sight of a Amazon driver repeatedly stomping on a package shortly after delivering it to a Southern California home.

The driver is seen placing the package on the home's front doorstep and taking a picture of the intact box, then removing it and jumping on it several times.

The homeowner was stunned when she reviewed her footage.

"I heard banging outside and was like what the heck is that?" said Mandy Martinez. "Then I heard a bigger bang."

Martinez was working from her home in Santa Fe Springs on Monday when she heard the noise outside.

She checked her Nest camera. Although the driver steps behind a pillar, it is clear that he is stomping on her package, a Wi-Fi routing system she had ordered. He then threw it hard back onto her porch.

"I really want to know what he was thinking? Like why he decided to do all that."

The driver was gone by the time Mandy stepped outside.

She reached out to Amazon and the company agreed to replace the $350 router.

No word on what consequences the driver may face. ABC7 has reached out to Amazon for comment but has not heard back yet.

The motive behind his actions also remains a mystery. Neighbors say they don't recall seeing him make deliveries in the area before.