Who is the next 'American Idol'? A winner is crowned on finale

The last remaining contestants sang their hearts out during a one-of-a-kind season finale, but only one singer was named as the next "American Idol."
LOS ANGELES -- Who is the next "American Idol"? We found out who won the competition during a one-of-a-kind season finale that aired Sunday on ABC.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, season three contestants could not perform in front of a big audience at live shows. Instead, they sang from home.

Seven singers made it to the season finale.

Arthur Gunn, Just Sam, Louis Knight, Francisco Martin, Dillon James, Julia Gargano and Jonny West all made it to the top seven, but at the beginning of the show, the group was cut down to five.

Three of those finalists are from California: Jonny West, who grew up in Murrieta and now lives in Studio City; Dillon James of Bakersfield; and Francisco Martin of Daly City in the Bay Area.

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So, who won "American Idol"?

Spoiler alert

No matter who becomes the next "American Idol," judge Lionel Richie previously said, in a way, it almost doesn't matter.

"They're all going to come down with careers. I'm gonna tell you this right now ... This is just there," Richie said.

Arthur Gunn, Dillon James, Just Sam, Jonny West, Francisco Martin made it to the Top 5.

Julia Gargano and Louis Knight were eliminated.

Voting closed shortly after the singers' second performances.

The final five turned into the final two with Just Sam and Arthur Gunn vying to be crowned the next "American Idol" winner.

Host Ryan Seacrest read the name of the winner. And in the end, Just Sam was voted as the next "American Idol."

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The finale featured an all-star lineup and amazing performances, including Katy Perry's TV debut of her new single "Daisies." Luke Bryan also performed his new single "One Margarita."

The show closed with an incredible performance featuring Lionel Richie and Idol contestants present and past, including Ruben Studdard and Katherine McPhee, performing "We Are The World."
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