Top 3 finalist Chayce Beckham of Apple Valley is the 'Idol' underdog, Katy Perry says

American Idol is coming to a close, and Top 3 finalist Chayce Beckham from Apple Valley is the underdog, according to Katy Perry.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
SoCal's Chayce Beckham is the 'Idol' underdog, Katy Perry says
"American Idol" is down to its top three contestants, including 24-year old Chayce Beckham from Apple Valley, California.

APPLE VALLEY, Calif. -- "American Idol" is down to its top three contestants. One of the finalists is 24-year-old Chayce Beckham from Apple Valley. "Idol" judge Katy Perry thinks he's got the goods to go all the way.

"He's humble, and he's a bit of the underdog. I don't think he knows how cool he is," said Perry.

This week, Beckham is going to be celebrated by his Inland Empire hometown of Apple Valley. It's something he never expected to see.

"Never in my wildest dreams. We got Roy Rogers. Now we got me," said Beckham. "So, it's never in my wildest dreams that I would ever think that I'd be playing a hometown show and being about to partake in this kind of an activity. It's absolutely mind-blowing."

Beckham says it also blew his mind to have a hit song right out of the box.

"That's cool to get a #1 song and everything, but the big picture behind it is that I was able to write a song that I really connected to and other people were able to connect to it, and that's just what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to record music," said Beckham. "And if five people connect to it or thousands of people connect to it, I don't care."

"I really think he's kind of got the vibe and a rock star-ness and just all that stuff that I think, you know, everybody, women around the world, are just going to be so excited to see him on tour," said Perry. "He's like Elvis Presley!"

The "American Idol" finale airs Sunday, May 23 on ABC.