3 Southern California hopefuls dream big with auditions for 'American Idol'

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Friday, March 3, 2023

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Three Southern Californians are on the list of talented artists auditioning this weekend for "American Idol." They may have different backgrounds musically, but all three are passionate about making music.

Adin Boyer is a proud graduate of Orange County School of the Arts, and credits his time there with helping him focus on his musical dreams.

"American Idol is cool because you can take people who have had classical training, like myself, or find people who just sing in the shower!" said Boyer. "At the end of the day, we're all so different but we unite over our love for performing. It's just really a wonderful community to be a part of."

BRE is from Burbank and is thrilled to dip her toe into the "Idol" world.

"I have huge goals, I'm not going to lie. 'Idol' for me was like if I'm going to do this artist thing I'm going to go all out," said BRE. "There's no Plan B; this is it. I actually started something on TikTok called 'From No one to Stadium' where I document every day of pursuing this dream of going from someone knows about to headline a stadium, which is my ultimate goal. The 'Idol' process is what inspired me to do that and I want to take this absolutely as far as I can I want the world to hear my music but I also want to hopefully inspire others who maybe have given up on their dreams anyone can make their dreams come true."

Olivia Soli made a bold move with her "Idol" audition... she sang a Lionel Richie classic! She's played small clubs all around L.A. since she was a teenager, and says her "American Idol" experience was a dream come true, and a big step in her career goals.

"I want to influence people, I want to make them feel confident, make them feel heard, "said Soli. "Wherever that takes me, even if it's not singing... It's gonna be singing 'cuz I'm gonna make it happen one way or the other! I'm determined. I just want to make people feel good. "

The Southern California hopefuls will take the "Idol" stage on Sunday on ABC7.