Amy's Wicked Slush brings East Coast comfort food to California

ByChris Bollini via Localish logo
Monday, December 14, 2020
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From hearty meatball subs to snow-textured treats, Amy's Wicked Slush brings the best of East Coast-style street food to California.

HEALDSBURG, Calif. -- According to founder and owner Amy Covin, Amy's Wicked Slush brings the best street food from the north end of Boston to the south end of Healdsburg, California. Visitors can indulge themselves with inviting clam chowder, a hearty meatball sub, or a sweet slush.

"It's a snowball of freshly fallen snow," Covin shares, "It's not shaved ice. We don't start with a block of ice and shave it down. It starts as a liquid and we freeze it up until it's exactly the consistency that we want. It's soft, but it's firm."

Covin offers the East Coast treat in a wide array of flavors from mango and peach to cotton candy and root beer.

"I kind of became a food scientist along the way, and now, I can make almost anything. Visitors can enjoy a rotating selection of 40-50 different flavors of icy slush and creamy soft-serve ice cream," said Covin.

"Amy's Wicked slush is like nothing you've tried before. You are immediately hooked. It's so good and the kids can't get enough of it," longtime customer Kathleen shares.

"It not me who loves it. It's my grandkids. I take them here all the time. Big smiles and I always bring my own spoon too," regular Roseanna says with a big smile.

"It's the best stuff in the world," Covin adds.