New foster program will take care of your pet if you get coronavirus

The Animal Rescue Mission launched a new program that will take care of pets if owners test positive for COVID-19.
HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- There's a new foster program from Hollywood's Animal Rescue Mission, known as ARM, that is helping people who have tested positive for coronavirus.

The ARM COVID-19 Animal Support Program, which started in April, helps take care of pets for people who can't at this time.

Pet parents can sign up on ARM's website, by writing a profile for their pet about food, medicine and any other instructions.

"There's directions for how to put together a two-week emergency kit for them. And then basically, should you get sick, and you will text us or email us. And immediately that would send one of our volunteers up to their home and get their animal, or however they needed our help in any way," said Shira Scott Astrof, founder of ARM.

Scott, who started arm in 2018, says people are constantly reaching out to her wanting to help save pets.

"It's scary if you get sick right now and all of a sudden you have to leave and you know, people don't have backup plans or, you know, a lot of people in LA they don't really have family.

"I get literally texts about 50 times a day from people, checking in today to see if, 'You have a dog I could foster,'" Astrof continued.

The program started as a relief program for pet owners who become sick but Astrof also wants to extend this support to those working on the front lines.
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