Apple's 'Scary Fast' event debuts new M3 chip for iMac and MacBooks

ByNishka Dhawan KABC logo
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
apple scary fast event
Everything announced at Apple's Scary Fast Event.

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Apple's Scary Fast event took place the night before Halloween and announced the release of the new M3 chipset and a couple of new MacBooks. Here's everything that was announced at the brand's live-streamed event, and where you can shop these laptops and desktops right now.

1. iMac with M3 Chip

Image credit: Amazon

The iMac has the new M3 chipset which the brand claims is faster and more efficient than previous editions. It's built for running heavy apps like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro, and is a powerhouse of a device. It has a 4.5k resolution, a 24-inch screen and is available in seven different colors. Storage runs up to 512 GB and there are four thunderbolt ports, plus a 1080p HD front camera for all those video calls. Preorder now, device ships November 7th.

2. MacBook Pro 14-inch with M3 Chip

Image credit: Amazon

The new MacBooks carry the M3 chip, the M3 Pro chip or the M3 Max chip. You can stick with the regular M3 MacBook Pro if you're not rendering 3D images or coding daily. If you need something with more boost, definitely choose the M3 Pro chip or M3 Max chipset. If you're choosing either of the two premium chipsets, you can pick the new space black color for your MacBook. The regular M3 MacBook is only available in silver and space grey colors. Battery life on these MacBooks lasts up to 18 hours, according to the brand and each option has a 14.2-inch liquid retina display. Preorder now, device ships November 7th.

3. MacBook Pro 16-inch with M3 Chip

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Similar to the premium 14-inch MacBook Pros, the 16-inch is available with the new M3 Pro and M3 Max chipset. You can also customize how much RAM you need - more RAM is better if you're looking to future-proof your device, or are constantly using your laptop for work and productivity purposes. You can choose between two colors (including the new space black) and two storage capacities.