Check out these brands' funny April Fools' Day jokes and promos

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Saturday, April 1, 2017
T-Mobile and Google Maps got in on the April Fool's fun.
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These brands are taking pranking to a whole new level with these April Fools' Day stunts.

Lexus "Lane Valet" service

Anybody whose ever driven in the left lane behind a slower, less-considerate driver will appreciate this video from Lexus, promoting their faux "Lane Valet" service.

Lyft Mono glove

No more having to use your phone to hail Lyft rides. This sleek, handy glove called Mono does that for you autonomously.

Mrs. Pacman on Google Maps

Your commute may take a bit longer with this fun, map version of the Atari classic. Open up Google Maps and click on the pink button on the right to begin the game.

Google Maps

Duolingo's Emoji course

Forget Mandarin or Spanish, the most useful language you can learn in today's world is emoji. Duolingo offered a funny, five minute course in the language of emoji.

Beans from Jim Beam

For anyone whose ever asked for bourbon-flavored beans, this April Fools' Day joke is right up your alley.

Amazon Echo with Petlexa

This silly ad gives a look if pets were able to communicate with the company's Echo product.

Burger King Whopper toothpaste

"Our flame-grilled whopper is so good that some people would do anything to keep the taste in their mouth," according to this humorous ad from the fast food chain.

T-Mobile ONEsie

Stay fashionable and get excellent mobile coverage with this hilarious onesie from the mobile carrier.