Sick of the same fitness routine?

(KABC) When you do you take your body off autopilot, forcing the brain and the body to be stimulated. That's good. Here are two new ways to do just that.

Like Kinesis. Cable systems are nothing new, but this group of "pods" offers a unique stretch-and-strengthen element to a workout.

"You're able to work the muscle in a 360-degree range of motion," said fitness expert Amy Dixon. "It is not a fixed cable, so you can literally do a complete circle with the cable."

So muscle work is multifaceted. Each station hits different muscle groups. Dixon suggests adding cardio intervals to get it done quick.

"You want to get more done in less time," says Dixon. "So if you can incorporate both cardio and strength training in one workout, you're going to get bigger bang for your buck."

Another retro toy, Russian kettlebells from the 1800s are making the scene.

"Ladies love 'em," says Gretchen Helt. "They are an incredible alternative to a typical cardio type of training."

Helt says kettlebells bring strength and cardio together for a unique training tool.

"You get your heart pumping, you do a lot of reps, you get your muscular endurance, strength, again power," says Helt. "You're engaging your full body."

Big on hip drive, kettlebells heavily utilize buns and glutes. But education is a must. Helt suggests a session with a trainer before flying solo to master technique.

"You just want to make sure you get some of the basic skills down," says Helt. "You have to focus on what you're doing."

Kinesis is offered at Equinox and select Southland locations.

Kettlebells are found at many gyms and sporting good stores for home use.

A 10-pound kettlebell costs about $25. Something heavier like a 40-pound kettlebell will run about $55. The good news is they're cast iron and will probably last longer than we will.


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