Scattered rain sweeps over L.A.

VALENCIA (KABC) Here's how folks are coping on this wet Monday.

For most of the day, it looked like it was just threatening to rain: The sky was very dark, a lot of black, ominous clouds, but by late afternoon it had started raining. This is not the week you want to get your car washed. Everybody is getting their share of rain.

A lot of people were ready, all bundled up and carrying umbrellas. It's been cold.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, it's been very cold.

Many people had the day off Monday, and they were trying to enjoy as much of the day as possible before the rain came in.

"I certainly hope it rains hard, though. We need the rain," said Valencia resident Joe Perez.

About 20 minutes before it started raining in Valencia, two rainbows made an appearance in the sky.

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