Bill seeks to punish use of fake guns

15 states are involved in the law
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Worries that plastic guns look too much like the real thing and are confusing police have spurred on the legislation. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, seven bills limiting fake guns are pending this year and 21 have been passed since 1990.

Federal law requires toy guns or imitations to be orange-tipped. But for some lawmakers, that doesn't go far enough since it's easy to paint over the orange.

Tennessee lawmakers are considering a proposal to make it a misdemeanor to intentionally and threateningly display or expose an imitation firearm in a threatening manner.

The lawmaker behind the bill says he wants to avoid incidents like one last year in Arkansas, when a 12-year-old boy wielding a toy gun was shot and killed by police.

The National Rifle Association says such legislation is "silly" because "it doesn't deal with issues of crime."


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