Students mourn the death of a teacher

BURBANK Tears, memorials and heartfelt tributes were paid from students and parents at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, who knew Tania Hurd.

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"We cried our eyes out. If anyone were to ask, 'How are you feeling?' I'd be lying if I said I was okay," said student Karen Nguyen.

"Losing a teacher like Ms. Hurd is like losing your own life. It is very painful," said student Jonathan Bohn.

The popular teacher taught culinary arts for six years. Her program was so popular the school added extra classes.

Many of the students mourning her tragic death described her as a friend.

"We were really close and we were friends. I still do not want to believe this," said student Elizabeth Barragan.

Hurd was a passenger on a helicopter that went down on Catalina Island on Saturday. She was one of three people killed in the fiery crash.

Some students learned of her death Tuesday morning and the school had counselors on hand to help them deal with their grief.

"As students are in that need they can leave the room. We have also provided to all of the staff the steps of grieving," said Emilio Urioste, principal at John Burroughs High School.

"She was an awesome teacher and a really great person. She had a glow to her and she was a normal person. You could talk to her about anything. When talking to her it wasn't like you were talking to a teacher, it was like talking to a normal person. She listened and care about students," said student Chellsi Lopez.

One of the victims was the pilot of the helicopter, 33-year-old Emeric Maillet from Lakewood.

According to the principal at John Burroughs High School, they are planning a special program to honor Tania Hurd. They have also invited her family to this year's graduation ceremony where there will be a special tribute in her honor.


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