Pit bulls attack Pacoima toddler

PACOIMA The first thing you'll notice outside the home where the attack took place are two signs that say "beware of dog." The two family pets turned on the little boy that lives here.

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Moments after the vicious attack, the dramatic rescue. The 2-year-old victim was strapped to a stretcher. Paramedics rushed the boy onto a medical helicopter that touched down at a nearby park. And in a matter of minutes, the boy was airlifted to Children's Hospital.

Back at the house where the attack took place, relatives were worried.

"I'm so nervous. I don't know what's going to happen to him," said Anna Alvarez, the boy's grandmother. "I'm going to pray right now that God takes care of him."

The boy's grandmother says her 2-year-old grandson lived with his maternal grandparents at his home in Pacoima.

Authorities say the boy was attacked at about 11 a.m.

"It appears thus far in our investigation that he was supervised by an adult, when the family pit bull, for whatever reason unknown to us, turned on the child, biting him in the face," said LAPD Sgt. Rich Zubiate

The LAPD says both dogs, a pit bull and a pit-bull mix, attacked the boy. Both animals were removed from the residence.

"The uncle of the child showed up and controlled the dogs for us, and Animal Control did remove both of them," said Sgt. Zubiate.

The little boy is in stable condition. The LAPD says he suffered serious injuries, but not life-threatening injuries.

No word yet on whether the two dogs that were taken away from the home will be destroyed.


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