Kidnapped son home; 'Mom can make it'

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. "He saw his mom and he just ... He started crying. He just jumped up on the bed and they just both cried and hugged," said the victim's mother, Karen Schiffilea.

The 9-year-old flew back to Orange County Monday morning after his father, Lonnie, left him behind with an official at a Mormon church in Juarez, Mexico on Sunday.

"His dad didn't give him a kiss or a hug goodbye. He just gave him some money and said, 'Take care of my son'," said the victim's father, Tom Schiffilea.

Authorities reported that after he left his son, Lonnie Ramos was hit by a bus and killed in Mexico. Ryan's family has not told him all the details.

"He knows his dad hurt his mom. And he knows she's going to get better," said the victim's mother.

Ryan's mother is recovering from gunshot wounds, allegedly at the hands of Lonnie, her ex-husband. He is accused of shooting her when she went to pick up their son at his Portola Hills home last Wednesday. According to authorities, Ryan did not witness the shooting. He was at a rented motor home at another location. An Amber Alert was issued after Lonnie disappeared with Ryan. His family says Ryan knew something was wrong.

"He saw himself on TV, but it was in Spanish, he didn't know what they were saying. He was in a hotel room. He saw the RV and he saw himself," said the victim's mother.

"The big break in the case was finding the motor home in Andrade, California," said Jim Amormino, Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Lonnie apparently called his father in Washington, D.C., to tell him where to find Ryan. However, for now, the family is reluctant to talk about Lonnie. They are simply grateful that Ryan is home and grateful that his mother is doing better.

"She'll make it. She can make it because we got Ryan back and he's healthy," said Karen Schiffilea.

Ryan's mother, Gynnae was shot in the chest, the stomach, and part of a bullet struck her right eye. She will need extensive reconstructive surgery, but the hospital has reported her condition is improving.

Authorities are not ruling out suicide in Lonnie's death.


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