Organized labor march through Wilmington

WILMINGTON, Calif. Several thousand were recognizing the true roots of the holiday. The march began at about 10:00 a.m. along Avalon Boulevard and ended at Banning Park.

Organizers say due to tough economic times, these demonstrations are more important than ever. In addition, California state budget woes are hitting many state union workers hard.

"We've seen it, these economic times, as bad as they are now. But, we seem to pull through. And, again, that's why laborers are out here in force to show that we are still alive … that we're out here to support the middle class," said Parade Organizer Louie Diaz.

Those taking part in the day's march were the Teamsters Union, the Ironworkers, and IBEW.

The day was filled with other organized labor events. There was a Labor Day mass at a local cathedral and a big rally in Banning Park.


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