Frozen yogurt put to the taste test

The latest fad in frozen yogurts gives customers a wide range in taste and choices. ABC7's Food Coach Lori Corbin did a taste test to give you the results on your favorite frozen treats.

"I go to 'pinkberry' all the time. I love it," said Mona Falamaki, a yogurt lover.

"I've actually never had pinkberry's but I always come to Yogurtland," said Dorothy Richardson, another yogurt enthusiast.

In South Korea, "red mango and "pinkberry" are considered yogurt kings. In Los Angeles, they share popularity with a host of "fro yo" shops. Many sell a variety of flavors, but it's "the original," or tart yogurt, many equate with good health.

"There's the sense that tart is more -- a real sort of yogurt," said Scott Shoemaker, Yogurtland.

Most frozen yogurts offer 10 percent calcium and meet California standards for live active yogurt cultures. However, the nutritional benefits don't even come close to that of regular yogurt. Regardless, with this fad, taste trumps health.

"I'm an ice-cream eater so I want something that tastes more like ice cream, as opposed to yogurt," said Robby Morris.

Eyewitness News bought yogurt from red mango, pinkberry, cefiore and Yogurtland to put the freezer treat to a blind taste test.

"One was a little too like candy," said one taste-tester.

"It's refreshing, it's really good," said another.

Eyewitness News had 18 people try four different brands of the tart or original flavor of frozen yogurt. However, there wasn't only one winner.

Eyewitness News found some like it tart and slushy, while others prefer sweet and creamy like ice cream.

"It's a little bit sweety, but not too sweet," said a taste-tester.

In the end, pinkberry and Yogurtland slightly edged out red mango and cefiore. But the winners were only separated from the less-popular choices by one vote.

Cost-wise, an 8-ounce medium serving at Pinkberry and Red mango is $3.50. Cefiore charges a $3.25 for their single size, but you get an ounce less.

Some companies are offering self-serve stations priced by weight so customers can mix and match flavors and toppings to get exactly what they want. That option may be at a better price.

At Yogurtland, the price is 30 cents an ounce. So if you exercise self-control, Yogurtland appears to be the best deal.

"At 30 cents an ounce, our research indicates that we're probably on the lowest end of what you'll find in the market place," said Shoemaker.

The $2.40 price tag beats $4.50, but calories and cost will rise when you add those toppings.


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