Who's left to battle for the mirror ball?

LOS ANGELES But first, we say so long to the show's youngest contestant ever.

Cody Linley and his partners -- both Julianne Hough and Edyta Sliwinska while Julianne recovered from surgery -- helped Cody make it all the way to the semifinals. The teenager's mother was also there for him, cheering him on.

"My mom is an amazing person. She's beautiful, an inspiration to me. She truly brings out the best in everyone and she's such a sweet soul," said Cody.

Cody was clearly emotional about going home, but he leaves having made many friends who came to love and respect him.

"He's completely changed my life," said Julianne. "I mean, he's been such an inspiration to me. This experience that I've been through this season has been like no other. I mean, I've learned so much from him."

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson made the cut, but Warren is already off to the East Coast for his football obligations.

"I'm going to have to grab him in between his commitments," said Kym. "We're at a game on Thursday over in Pittsburgh so I'm going to really have to squeeze in rehearsals around his schedule, so it's really going to be a very tough week for us, but I know Warren will make it happen."

"It's been a lot of sacrifice. It's been a lot of hard work," said Brooke Burke. "And it's been, you know, nothing but hours and fun and just putting our heart and soul into it. So taking it home kind of, you know, it's the payoff at the end of it all."

"Taking it home for the mamas, for all those mamas," said Derek Hough.

If she wins, Brooke would let her trophy travel among her daughters' bedrooms.

And what about Lance Bass?

"Well, I'm a pretty tacky person, so I'd love a tacky trophy, you know? That's all the reason I need it," said Lance. "And we've been working out butts off."

The finals begin on Monday, with two dances, including the popular "Freestyle," with the final dance on Tuesday, before the winner is revealed.

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