Testing accuracy of new meat thermometers

LOS ANGELES As a professional chef, Amalia Greco knows the value of a good meat thermometer.

"That's the only tool that's going to be able to tell you when your meat and poultry is completely cooked," said Chef Greco.

Consumer Reports tested 11 meat thermometers for accuracy and for how well they respond to temperature changes. There were thermometers you insert and read immediately, and others that you leave in food as it cooks. Today's meat thermometers have gotten, well, fancy.

"Many of these thermometers are wired probes that connect to digital displays. Some actually speak to you," said Dan DiClerico, Consumer Reports. "The Weber is actually a wireless probe that lets you check the food's temperature from 300 feet away, using a remote unit you can clip to your belt. Unfortunately, the thermometer didn't perform as well overall as others we tested."

Some thermometers let you track temperatures on two different meats at the same time, great for a big holiday meal.

One of the top-rated thermometers is the $30 Polder THM-360, and it offers that feature. It's one that you leave in while cooking.

If you want to save some money, consider the $16 Taylor Weekend Warrior 806 thermometer. It's one that you insert in order to get the temperature reading.

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