Enjoy the holiday party while staying slim

LOS ANGELES Here are some some smart swaps:

Rather than a half cup of artichoke dip, try Ranch instead and save 160 calories.

If you choose two pizza bagels instead of two mini burgers, you'll save 210 calories.

Pass on four scoops blue cheese dip for the same amount of guacamole and you'll leave 220 calories off your plate.

And go for the six piece California roll rather than six cheese and crackers so 309 extra calories are for someone else.

Say no to the coconut shrimp and opt for shrimp dumplings instead, you'll be saving 350 calories.

If dessert is your downfall, here's a secret from the spa chefs. Eat your dessert in a shot glass. You get about three spoonfuls of full fat flavor, but your missing 80 percent of the calories of a full-sized portion.

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