Reward offered in Altadena cold case

ALTADENA, Calif. A warm family reunion with bitter edge: Their meeting place, a murder scene at the corner of Lincoln and Woodbury in Altadena, where a billboard donated by Clear Channel advertises a reward. The reward was authorized by Supervisor Mike Antonovich. The purpose: to find the killer of 24-year-old Floyd Anthony Lofton.

"He was a father, a man that worked with developmentally disabled, he was in school to become a general contractor just like my father was a general contractor," said Floyd's aunt, Brownie Lofton.

"He never argued with anybody on the job, all his evaluations were good," said former co-worker Eugene Marable. "He was evaluated every six months, and he was a very highly rated young man."

He left behind three sons. A card speaks to the dad who was not there for their Christmas and never will be.

"All they're saying is, 'All we want for Christmas is the killer or killers of our father,'" said Brownie Lofton.

Sgt. Jeff Fenn responded to the call five years ago. It was just before 10 p.m. in front of Jim's Burgers. Only one man, a transient, said he saw the killer: a man in a hooded sweatshirt running away after firing a single shot, but it is a busy corner.

"There is someone that did see something. There is someone out there that knows, and we're just asking them to come forward," said Brownie Lofton.

Even though it's been five years, the family and investigators feel that this may be the optimal time for gathering tips -- a $10,000 dollar reward. That's a lot of money in these economic times.

Anyone with information can call detectives at (323) 890-5500. Beyond the money, there is a family who wants justice for three little boys.



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