Fertility doc has more multiples on way

WHITTIER, Calif. The /*Los Angeles Times*/ reported Thursday that the Beverly Hills fertility doctor transferred at least seven embryos in this latest case.

"That little gold digging trailer trash tramp has no right to be using the money of the taxpayers to pay for her (expletive) welfare tribe of little children," one man says in a message.

/*Nadya Suleman*/ is no longer in seclusion. Her publicist and her neighbors say she's back at home in Whittier to resume what she will be her regular role as mother.

In the mean time, Nadya Suleman's doctor is under fire again. He allegedly fertilized another woman, and that woman is now hospitalized at a county facility at taxpayer expense.

Fertility specialist /*Dr. Michael Kamrava*/ reportedly has another patient waiting to deliver multiple babies. A 49-year-old woman who already has three grown children is due with quadruplets.

The L.A. Times reports that in her case, Dr. Kamrava violated guidelines set by the /*American Society for Reproductive Medicine*/. It recommends implantation of no more than three embryos. Nadya Suleman says he inserted six for her. The 49-year-old patient received seven, according to sources who spoke to the Times.

As the state medical board investigates, state legislators are alarmed. Nadya Suleman is getting government assistance and taxpayers may also have to pay nearly a million dollars for the octuplets' hospital care.

/*State Senator Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley)*/ says if there is evidence that doctors are reckless, they should have to pay too.

"There should be some financial punishment too," said state Senator Sam Aanestad . "You know I've heard proposals that should make the doctor and the clinic responsible for the care of these babies, something like child support, and we're looking at that."

Outraged citizens are sounding off. Suleman's publicist is getting death threats and hate messages.

"That little gold-digging trailer trash tramp has no right to be using the money of taxpayers to pay for her [expletive] welfare tribe of little children," said one message.

"Is she paying you with taxpayer money, from like maybe disability from three of her six already-born disabled children and God knows how many of the other eight are going to be disabled," said another.

But there is sympathy too.

"Well, you know, you can't say no to life, you know -- it's children, you know, born in this world and I think they deserve to live too," said Bellflower resident Cali De Leon.

"You know, I think the people shouldn't be so judgmental and say, you know, 'Let's do right by her,' because at the end of the day, the babies are going to suffer," said Bellflower resident Wonder Brown.

About the threats, LAPD is not giving very much comment on them. They say they don't like to do that in this type of case. A spokesman would only say they are being forwarded for appropriate action.

Eyewitness News Reporter John Gregory contributed to this story.



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