'Cool Kid' helps seniors enjoy technology

CHATSWORTH, Calif. "I thought about the computer. The world today revolves around the computer ... There is no reason that seniors shouldn't benefit from this amazing tool," says Josh.

Josh has developed a program called "Intergenerational Internet." As he instructs how to use the computers of this generation, he learns about the life of a previous one.

"I've had one senior that he remembers he was crowded around the radio with his family listening to /*Pearl Harbor*/," says Josh. "He was amazed that with one click of a button, you go on the Internet and get the news."

The combination of a good mind and a good heart seems to be the perfect mix for his students.

"He made me feel very comfortable. How he explains it to you with time and patience, you look at him and he's, 'All right, don't worry. This is how you have to do it,'" says Lisa English, one of Josh's students.

The sophomore from /*Harvard-Westlake High School*/ is looking on his campus to expand the reach of his program.

"I'm going to recruit some kids there. I'm going to teach them what I know," says Josh. "And we are going to go to some senior centers and have them teach some seniors along with me."

Josh keeps our older generations in touch with the latest technology. He is our "Cool Kid."

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