Garden show features an edible theme

What you grow in your garden can be quite tasty. If you like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, chives or basil you will want to head to the 2009 L.A. Garden Show at the L.A. Arboretum. The theme of this year's show is how to grow a festival of flavors in your backyard.

One idea, if you're short on space: framing your vegetables and fruits.

"You can go pick a tomato, you know that it has been organically grown and it is from your own backyard. You are lowering your carbon footprint. You are not getting in your car and driving to the store and buying something that was shipped from Chile," said Kevin Mack, An Edible Garden.

Another focus of the garden show is water wise landscaping and plants that will minimize water waste without compromising aesthetics. Landscape designer Steven Gerischer explains why he's a big supporter of getting rid of traditional grass lawns.

"It can be beautiful. You can be growing food and attracting wildlife. There are many types of gardens you can have instead of just having a lawn," said Gerischer.

Another water-saving idea you can see at the Garden Show is a wooden desk-turned planter. It has been rigged with PVC pipe to recycle the water that drains from its plants. That's exactly the kind of idea environmentally-conscious consumers, like Cara Wilson, appreciate.

"I think water is going to be like oil, in terms of problems for the planet -- we are using too much and we don't have enough," said Wilson.

Landscape designer Jane Barlem only wishes more homeowners were this water-wise.

"It is a process and it is not going to happen overnight. People aren't going to convert to water wise landscaping and being creative with their water usage, but it's the beginning of a great awareness of lots of changes," said Barlem.



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