California's 1st gourmet cinema comes to town

LOS ANGELES Movie night typically entails getting a ticket, heading to the snack bar for a big tub and a cola, then searching for a seat among 250 of your not-so-closest friends. Well not anymore. From plush reclining chairs to sassy cinema cuisine, there is a way for movie lovers to live their dream.

The Gold Class Cinema is one of four in the U.S. located in Pasadena, the only one in California. What is the concept? It is a dinner and a movie -- a true double feature.

"What we're trying to do is give you the best cinema experience in the world," said Tim Caroll, Gold Class marketing director.

"It's a totally luxurious first class experience," said Fabrizia Nicolao with Gold Class Food and Beverage.

The experience starts when you're greeted by a hostess who first seats you in the lounge to peruse the menu. You then place your dinner order and your escort takes you to one of six theaters that contain between 20 and 40 suede recliners. Popcorn and candy are still options but they serve it in style.

"Menu items are what we call eyes up, eyes down food," explained Nicolao.

That means no utensils are needed. Yet big cloth napkins are a must for the weygu sliders, lobster rolls, easy-to-eat Caesar salad that cost between $9-$18. An 80-bottle wine list is also an option along with plenty of beer and signature drinks too.

"It's all here. It's all here and you don't have to go anywhere," said customer Martin Anderson.

Ticket prices start at $22, nearly twice as much as a regular theater, but Carroll says more than 2.5 million customers enjoy this style of theater worldwide from Australia to Asia, and Europe. When you add it all up, a movie, meal and drink average about $40 per person.

It also eliminates the question of eating before or after the movie. Just press that button at your seat and your silent server is at your call.

Along with the fancy seats and eats, you can even get a pillow and blanket. So whether you're watching a chick flick or sci-fi adventure, with all the amenities, you've got yourself a happy ending.

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