TV show reports Tiger and Uchitel spotted

LOS ANGELES Tiger Woods has not been seen publicly since before his Thanksgiving Day car crash outside his Florida home. But Tuesday night, there were reports that Woods stepped out over the weekend in ritzy Palm Beach with his alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel. The ABC affiliate in Palm Beach caught up with Uchitel Tuesday and asked her about the rumors.

Uchitel came out of a $2-million Palm Beach house late Tuesday afternoon. At first, Uchitel didn't want to talk when approached by a reporter.

"The rumors are that you were with Tiger over the weekend here in Palm Beach. Anything to that?" asked the reporter.

"Can you get out of my face, if you don't mind?" Uchitel responded.

"Entertainment Tonight" reported that Uchitel and Woods were seen holding hands over the weekend at the private Everglades Club in a Palm Beach, and at a private party with 300 guests. Uchitel would neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

"I don't have any comment, I'm not going to have any comment and so I have to live my life and I would appreciate you guys not being on my property and not bothering me while I'm trying to be here," said Uchitel.

"We're just trying to get one comment from you about Tiger because, you know, there's rumors spreading that he was here with you, but no one's really seen you with him, so that's why we're just trying to clear it up," said the reporter.

"I know. I have absolutely no comment," said Uchitel.

"Does this woman look like someone who doesn't want to be photographed, who doesn't want attention? Of course she's not going to deny or affirm anything. Because if her connection with Tiger is severed, no one even wants her picture," said Jeanne Wolf, West Coast editor, Parade Magazine.

Without a picture of the two together, Wolf says the rumors are suspect.

"If he was at a party with 300 people -- there are waiters, there are valets, there are other guests, and people know how valuable a photo of that would be," said Wolf. "I'll believe this story when I see a photograph."

At the Everglades Club, security and employees swarmed out the doors when one reporter whether Woods and Uchitel had been there over the weekend.

"There are rumors that Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel were here on Saturday. Can you tell us whether that's correct or not?" a reporter asked an employee.

"No, I can't comment on that. I need you off property," said the employee.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Woods' alleged "mistress number one" went back inside the plush Palm Beach pad after making her plea for privacy.

"Are you still in touch with him at all?" asked a reporter.

"I can't comment, but thank you," said Uchitel.

"Thank you for talking to us, Rachel," said the reporter.

Tiger Woods is rumored to have had affairs with at least 10 other women.

Uchitel, a New York party hostess, is represented by Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred. Allred did not respond to an Eyewitness News request for comment on whether her client has reconnected with Woods.

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