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Morning rain showers soak parts of SoCal

January 13, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The rain cleared Monday morning, but there was still a strong westerly swell bringing big surf.With the big waves rolling in, lifeguards and rangers are warning people that the surf is for those who know what they're doing. They say that it's too dangerous for beginners to venture into the water.

Surfers described waves as high as 15 feet. The last storm didn't drop very much rainfall, but it did leave behind swollen waves that surfers describe as just perfect.

"As you can see, the weather is holding up, the swell is coming in. I's just super enjoyable, and it's not too crowded," described Andrew Chest, a surfer.

"The surf has been perfect, good sized. It's perfect surfing. It's getting bigger now, which makes it a lot more challenging, more challenging than my old body can take right now," said Tony Gaunt, another surfer.

Park rangers at Fria Beach are warning beach goers that the surf is for experienced surfers only with no beginners.

"It's pretty intense out there. These guys have to know what they're doing," said Gaunt. "I wouldn't want to be there right now. It's just crazy out there right now."

For those who didn't want to venture out into the chilly water, just sitting on a rock and watching the surf roll in was just fine.

"Just soak in the warmth. It started out today raining, so it's just unbelievable what kind of a day it is now," said a beach-goer.

The morning rain only amounted to about three-quarters of an inch in Ventura. Only a fraction of an inch fell farther south.

Drivers were being warned to watch out for slick roads as they head to work.

It's always a slow commute through the Newhall Pass, and now you can add slippery too. Drivers found themselves trying to adjust to the rain.

"It wasn't too bad until I got to the 14, and then everyone kind of slowed down. As soon as the rain started falling, everyone kind of stopped," said commuter Ryan Sharp.

Most commuters seemed to get through the morning drive in one piece in part because of some simple precautions.

"I left a little earlier, just because I didn't know how it would be out here," said another commuter Marni Dormfeld.

In the Foothill communities burned in recent fires, the hillsides seem to be holding up. So far, there are no reports of any mudslides from the latest rain.

Also, there is a chance for some snow in the mountains.